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Wonderings: rambles by and reflections on travel… this thirty day period, James Kay suggests that Notre Dame will arise from the new fireplace as an even higher monument © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet

Quite a few years ago, I climbed the spiral staircase that winds its way up to the balcony connecting the two towers of the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris’ western facade. From there, you can see a lot of of the city’s best landmarks: the Eiffel Tower, the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, the Arc de Triomphe, the River Seine flowing past Île de la Cité.

A close inspection of the gargoyles and chimeras festooning the towers is just as engrossing as that much-achieving, large-angle look at. Jutting out from the walls, the gargoyles’ long necks channel h2o absent from the historic stone the chimeras – horned, winged, taloned, feathered beasts that hardly ever had been – are there to ward off evil.

But none of them could protect the 12th-century creating from the fury of a distinct ingredient yesterday. Mercifully, the towers even now stand, but the fireplace which started in the afternoon and raged by way of the night eaten the roof and toppled the spire.

Fireplace in the heart

I experience for the Parisians who lined the banking companies of the Seine to witness the conflagration, individuals vaulting flames mirrored in their tears. So do thousands and thousands of other very well-wishers around the planet, for this is a setting up etched into the collective consciousness, a Unesco Entire world Heritage website frequented by hundreds of thousands of persons a year.

Hyperbole aside, its destruction is a accurate tragedy. Notre Dame is the coronary heart not just of Paris, but also of France, and not in a basically abstract sense: the brass plate set into the ground exterior the western facade marks the city centre and the position from which the distance from Paris to all destinations is measured.

But, as we mourn, let’s remember that this coronary heart will beat once again.

Firefights battling the blaze yesterday as it spread across the roof of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris Firefights battling the blaze yesterday as it spread across the roof of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris © Pierre Suu / Getty Photographs

If you seem north from our office in London, you can see across the River Thames to the towers of St Paul’s Cathedral’s west front. The cathedral – a put of similar cultural clout to Notre Dame – is now in its fourth incarnation. Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece was built in the late 17th century immediately after its predecessor was destroyed… by the Terrific Fireplace of London.

Up to date accounts explain molten lead pouring from the roof of Previous St Paul’s into the warren of streets underneath, creating the pavements to glow like flows of lava. So rigorous was the inferno that witnesses a furlong absent – about 200 metres – could not facial area the flames.

Symbols of resilience

It took 35 several years for the St Paul’s we know right now to rise from the ashes – but increase it did, an irrepressible phoenix, just as it had from preceding fires in 962, 1087 and 1561.

Additionally, I’d argue that with every single rebuild, just as the physical cathedral turned a small even bigger, so did its psychogeographical scale – that is, the amount of house it occupies in our minds. Along with all the other things for which it stands, St Paul’s turned a powerful symbol of the city’s resilience.

Whilst I really don’t communicate for them, I’d wager that the residents of Utrecht, Barcelona and Cologne truly feel considerably the exact way about St Martin’s, Santa Maria Del Mar and Cologne Cathedral respectively, all of which were ravaged by, and reborn from, fireplace at a person time or a further in their very long histories.

It will not consider 35 years to restore Notre Dame, which has survived revolutions and wars, and hosted the crowning of kings and the coronation of emperors. French president Emmanuel Macron has by now launched an worldwide marketing campaign and hundreds of tens of millions of euros are pouring into the reconstruction fund.

And anytime this storied composition does reopen to the community, its keep on our imaginations will have grown, not diminished. So let us appear ahead to the day when the bells of Our Lady ring out more than the rooftops of Paris as soon as far more.

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2 Days in Paris: The Perfect Weekend Itinerary

Paris. The name alone conjures up images of decadent food, sumptuous wine, Renaissance architecture, and of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower. Many people dream of visiting this famous city, and for good reason! Spend 2 days in Paris and see for yourself what this magical place has to offer. 

With a weekend in Paris, you’ll be able to enjoy the history, art, food, wine, markets, and shopping — there’s a little something for everyone in the French capital.

We spent 5 days in Paris during our travels around Europe, but not everyone has that amount of time to spend in the city. Even if you have just 2 days, plan a weekend in Paris — you won’t regret it! With so many cheap (direct) flights from North America and Europe, getting to Paris is simple. 

The beautiful River Seine runs through Paris

Here’s my perfect itinerary for 2 days in Paris to help you plan your trip.

Day 1 in Paris

Waking up in Paris is such an exciting feeling! You’ll want to start your day off right with a tasty breakfast and coffee. Unless you’re a real breakfast person, I suggest doing as the Parisians do and keeping your first meal simple — pastry and a coffee. Then, get on with your day.


I don’t know about you, but having an authentic, Parisian croissant or a pain au chocolat was high on my list when planning our trip to Paris. Start your day with a buttery, baked good at one of the many Patisseries. I recommend Notre Patisserie in the 7th Arrondissement which has delicate baked goods on offer. 

bakery in paris
All the yummy pastries at Notre Patisserie

The women working in this cute little shop are kind and welcoming. A croissant with and flakey pain au chocolate will set you back about €2.50.

For coffee, if you find yourself in the 7th, I recommend the Bleu Olive cafe (the staff here speak English and the coffee is good), or Terres de Cafe — the owners pioneered specialty coffees in the country. If you’re in Le Marais area (the 4th), check out The Caféothèque of Paris and if you’re in Montmartre (the 18th), don’t miss The Hardware Société.

Insider tip: coffee is quite pricey in Paris (think €4 – €6 for a small latte), so you may want to see if your hotel or Airbnb accommodation has coffee on offer or a coffee maker in the room. 

After you’ve had some breakfast, it’s time to go on a free walking tour of Paris to get yourself orientated with the city and to learn some of the basic history. Free walking tours are the best thing to do when you first visit a city, and Paris is no exception. 

There are a few companies that you can go with, but we chose SANDEMANs and enjoyed the experience. There are a few time slots throughout the day, but try to join the 10:30am one so you can maximize your 2 days in Paris.

The tour ends outside of the Louvre and the Arc de Triumph, which, since you’re trying to see a big city in a short period of time, means this would be a good time to visit the Louvre Museum.

louvre with 2 days in paris
The impressive Louvre Museum

But first, lunch.


By this point in the day, your pastry will have worn off and you’re probably ready for a meal. 

A great lunch spot that I recommend is Bistrot Victoires, located in the 1st Arrondissement just an 8-minute walk from the Louvre. This buzzing spot offers delicious, affordable meals. And, there is an English menu available.

Order the tender duck confit with garlic fried potatoes and salad (€12.50), or the fall-off-the-bone roast chicken with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy (€10.90). You can thank me later!

Wash it all down with a glass of wine, or a craft beer and you’re all set to keep exploring.

Before you enter the Louvre, walk 7 minutes from the restaurant to the Église Saint-Eustache — an impressive gothic church, which is free to enter.

gothic church paris
The incredible Église Saint-Eustache

From the church, it’s a 10-minute walk to the Louvre Museum, which is the largest art museum in the world — housing around 38,000 objects.

Now, if you’re an art lover or a historian, you’ll want to spend some time here admiring all of the pieces. You may even want to join a guided tour to fully understand all that the Louvre has to offer (and to not get lost in the 72,734 square meter / 782,910 square foot building!). 

Since we’re not big on museums, we only spent 1.5 hours in the Louvre ticking off the highlights — the Crown Regent, the Mona Lisa (from a distance because the line up was massive), Venus de Milo, Victoire de Samothrace (Winged Victory), and many more paintings and sculptures. 

If you don’t book a guided tour, you’ll need to purchase your entrance ticket beforehand and I recommend getting a skip-the-line ticket, as the wait times can be huge. We purchased this ticket and were able to enter right away. Click here for details.

things to do with a weekend in paris
The amazing ceiling in the Louvre – we only spent about 1.5 hours, but you could spend a whole day in here…

Late Afternoon

From the museum, make your way to the Eifell tower, the iconic symbol of Paris!

While we personally didn’t climb up the tower, many people want to get that amazing view of the city and enjoy the experience of being in the Eifell Tower. You’ll need a special ticket for that, click here for a skip-the-line pass with access to the second level. 

After checking out the Eiffel Tower, it’s time to hop on a boat and take a 1-hour cruise down the River Seine (which departs from near the Eiffel Tower). Pass by famous monuments, such as Les Invalides, Musée d’Orsay, the Notre Dame, Louvre Museum, and Grand Palais — while learning about these sites from your audioguide. 

The one hour boat ride is a great way to see the city from a different vantage point. Not to mention, it’s very affordable. Click here for details and to book your boat ticket online.

eiffel tower paris weekend
The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris!


Finally, to round off your first day in Paris, enjoy dinner at Constant Cafe.

This restaurant is located in the 7th Arrondissement and is run by Michelin Star chef Christian Constant — who owns 6 restaurants in Paris. Plus, he was actually a judge for 4 years on the French version of Top Chef.

To be honest, I didn’t know any of those things about the restaurant before we decided to visit. I just read one blog that suggested going to Constant Cafe, and I’m glad I found that article. 

The small Bistrot style restaurant offers comforting, hearty, French dishes at affordable prices. It’s a casual place, so you don’t have to worry about dressing up in your finest clothing to enjoy fantastic food. 

With homemade dishes such as French beef filet with mignonette pepper, scallops roasted with salted butter, and free-range chicken roasted with herby butter, and potatoes with bacon and baby onions…the only problem is deciding what to order! 

beef stew in paris
This beef stew at Constant Cafe was so tasty!

I personally recommend the beef stew, escargot, cream of pumpkin and chestnut soup and the profiteroles with chocolate sauce. Make a reservation as this place fills up fast. 

Day 2 in Paris

Get up early and enjoy your last full day in the city.


If you’re enjoying a weekend in Paris, you’ll definitely want to visit the Bastille Market on Sunday Morning. If you’re spending 2 days in Paris during the week, this market is also open on Thursday.

The Bastille Market opens at 7:00am, but since you were probably out a bit late last night, you don’t have to arrive when it opens. Plan to be at the market around 9:00am, which is when many locals arrive as well. 

This is a proper market with residents stocking up on their food for the week. 

The outdoor Bastille Market is one of the best we’ve ever been to. Located on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir with the Place de la Bastille’s Colonne de Juillet (monument commemorating the Revolution) as the backdrop, you’ll find over 100 stalls selling everything from artisanal cheese and meats to fresh fruits and vegetables.

bastille market paris
The bread stand…one of our favourites!

Plus, there’s an area of the market dedicated to housewares and clothing. 

After browsing and shopping (and sampling!), it’s time to move on.

Make your way by foot to Le Marais neighbourhood (in the 4th Arrondissement), passing through the stunning Place des Vosges, and the National Archives Museum and Garden.

Continue wandering through the narrow, crooked alleyways, while passing by boutiques, vintage shops, museums, art galleries and more. Prior to Napolean, all of Paris looked like Le Marais, but these days, this quarter is all that’s left of the medieval streets and pre-revolutionary buildings. 

a weekend in paris visit national archive museum
Stumbling upon this National Archive Museum was a nice surprise

Spend some time here enjoying the twists and turns and unique shops before grabbing a bite to eat. Keep lunch simple today and grab a falafel to go at one of the many popular shops on Falafel Street in Le Marais — I recommend Chez Hanna for its falafel. Or, opt for a tasty crepe at the highly-rated La Droguerie.  


In the late afternoon, it’s time to explore another beautiful neighbourhood in Paris — Montmarte in the 18th Arrondissement

Walk to the Etienne Marcel station in Le Marais and take Metro 4 to Montmarte. Perched on a hill, this is the artist district of the city and is a place where you’ll see artists painting in the plazas, musicians on the street corner, and street art on the walls. In fact, famous artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, Monet and Van Gogh all lived around here. 

montmarte neighbourhood paris
Montmarte is an area of Paris you don’t want to miss on your weekend visit

Since the neighbourhood is on a hill, there are quite a few steps to reach the Sacré-Coeur — the 1914 basilica that towers over Montmarte. If steps aren’t your thing, you can always hop on the funicular and ride up!

After wandering around the quiet lanes and visiting the Sacré-Coeur, make your way to Le Mur des Je t’aime (Love Wall), which is a wall painted with “I Love You” in numerous languages. Snap a photo and carry on.

If you’re looking for a little “pick me up” at this point, pop into The Hardware Société for a coffee. 

sacre coure paris
The Sacre Coure dominates Montmarte


To round off the weekend in Paris, enjoy a fabulous homecooked meal by an awarded French chef! We found this experience on Airbnb and can’t recommend it enough. 

Chef Nick greeted us at his atelier (private workshop/studio) and immediately, we felt like we were having dinner with a friend.

Nick is welcoming, funny and full of interesting stories about Paris and France as a whole. I won’t give away the menu or share any photos as he likes to keep it a surprise, but it’s a stunning 3-course meal with wine. I’m a bit of a picky eater and I loved everything on the menu — so I’m sure you will too!

This won’t be a private dinner (unless you book it that way), and we had one other traveller who joined us. It’s a great way to meet new people from around the world, while dining on tasty food in a fantastic setting. Click here to learn more. 

Other Things To Do With 2 Days in Paris

The weekend in Paris itinerary I set out above is pretty jam-packed, but if you’re the type of person who can get up early and go to bed late, you might have time for more. Or, maybe you’re not interested in the suggestions above. Here are a few other fun things to do with 2 days in Paris. 

The Catacombs

Descend 30 meters below ground into the catacombs of Paris. These are the old limestone quarries, which were turned into mass graves when the cemeteries became full. There are 200 miles (320 kilometers) of tunnels under Paris, housing the bones of between 6 and 7 million people! 

paris catacombs
The catacombs are an eerie, but interesting experience to have in Paris

If you get claustrophobic or are creeped out by skeletons, this tour won’t be for you. We both really enjoyed the eerie experience and recommend getting the audioguide, otherwise, you’ll have no idea what you’re looking at. Click here for a skip-the-line ticket with an audioguide. You can find the Catacombs here on the map.

Walk Along The River Seine

If you don’t want to take the river cruise, it’s still nice to walk along the river. This is a great way to get away from the traffic of the busy streets and enjoy a quiet stroll. 


Yes, there’s a Pantheon in Paris, not just Rome! Located in the 5th Arrondissement (Latin Quarter), this stunning mausoleum houses the remains of many important French citizens. While the exterior is stunning, inside you’ll find pillars, decorated domes, and artwork. Find it on the map, here. 

Luxembourg Gardens

These gardens are huge! Dating from the 17th century, these formal gardens (which spans 25 hectares) are a great place to relax and people watch or go for a walk. Here you’ll find ponds, trees, orchards, greenhouses, 106 statues, and much more. If you’re feeling active, you can also play tennis here. Find the gardens on the map, here. 

luxembourg gardens paris
The pretty Luxembourg Gardens are a great spot to chill out for a while

Getting to Paris from The Airport

Before you can enjoy your Paris travels, you first need to get into the city from the airport. You should know that there are 3 airports in Paris, and I’ll list how to get from the airport to Paris for each one.

Charles de Gaulle Airport (the main one)

If you’re flying in from North America, Australia, South America or Asia, you’ll most likely land here. This is the major international airport in Paris, it’s also one of the largest in Europe.

To get into the center of Paris, you can take the Metro (RER), a taxi, the bus, Uber, or a private driver.

Metro (RER): The metro (RER B) operates from Charles de Gaulle to Gare du Nord (in the 10th Aronndessemont). It’s about a 35-minute journey. That the metro runs from 04:50 to 23:50, so plan your trip accordingly. Click here for a detailed post on getting from the Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris.

Taxi: If you’re arriving late, or if you don’t want to deal with figuring out how to take the metro (while being jet-lagged!), then just hop in a taxi. Follow the signs from arrivals towards the taxi stand. There’s a flat fee depending on which part of the city you are in. Rates are between €50 – €65 euros, with the journey taking about 45 minutes to the Eiffel Tower (7th Arrondissement).

Bus: The Roissy Shuttle bus takes about an hour to get into the city and runs from 6:00 am to 8:45 pm, every 15 minutes, and 8:45 pm to 00:30 am every 20 minutes. The bus picks up from Terminal 1, Terminal 3, Terminal 2AC,  Terminal 2D and Terminal 2EF, and drops off at Opera in Paris. 

Orly Airport

This is the main domestic airport in France, with Air France and Transavia France operating out of here. 

From this airport, your best bet is taking the Orly bus which links the airport to Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th Arrondissement. The bus runs from 6:00am to 12:30am, with departures every 15-20 minutes. The ticket costs €8.70 one way.

Another bus option is Bus Line 1, which runs from Orly Airport to Gare Montparnasse (with stops at the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro, and Etoile/Champs Elysées). This journey takes between 30 and 40 minutes. It’s €12 euros one way, or €20 for the return journey.

Paris Beauvais Airport

If you’re taking a budget airline such as Ryan Air or Wizz Air, this is where you’ll arrive. While the cost of the flight might seem cheap, you have to take into consideration that this airport is farther away from the center, with longer journey times, and that you’ll still need to get from the arrival point in Paris, to your hotel. 

From the Beauvais airport, hope on the Beauvais shuttle bus which departs from the airport and arrives at Porte Maillot. The journey is 1 hour and 15 minutes (traffic permitting), and tickets can be purchased in advance or when you arrive. From Porte Maillot, you’ll need to take a taxi, or the metro to reach the center.

The cost is €17 euros each way. Click here for details.

montmarte street art
Street art in Montmarte

Enjoy Your Weekend in Paris!

The City Of Lights truly is a dream destination, and if you get the chance to visit, jump at it. While two days isn’t a lot of time, it’s enough to see the main highlights of Paris…and eat some delicious cuisine while you’re at it!

My biggest tip would be to walk as much as you can so you see all of the “in-between” bits. It’s about the journey as much as it is the destination. Paris might not be the cheapest destination in Europe, but it’s worth every euro. Bon voyage! 

*The lead image in this article is courtesy of Shutterstock, a top website for finding royalty-free images and videos. 

Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, we receive a small commission. This will never cost you extra and in many cases you receive a special discount. We appreciate your support!

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5 new sex positions that will be big in 2020

The 2019 teemed with sex . We saw rectal sex go mainstream, CBD lube make infiltration extra satisfying, and straight ladies enjoying lesbian pornography. Yet a new year is here, and also according to top sex experts, 2020 is going to bring new sex settings that will certainly have some serious endurance. Listed below, Athens Escorts share five new sex positions that they forecast will certainly allow in 2020.

Bend over child

If you do not yet have a sex cushion, now is the time to obtain one. Though these sex help aren’t brand-new, Jess O’Reilly, suggests using them to offer doggy design an upgrade. Place the pillow on the side of the bed with the thicker end closer to the side. Stand and also deal with the bed with your companion behind you, as well as bend over the pillow. “This will certainly pop your bottom into the air while allowing you to easily relax the top of your body on the bed mattress,” claims O’Reilly.

A number of you tells us that this angle opens up the genital canal for much deeper infiltration. It additionally positions the entry of the anus well for rectal infiltration, she includes. If you wish to include clitoral excitement to the mix, position a palm-shaped vibe on the cushion. You or your partner can also get to about with your hand, too.

Double penetration missionary

If you assumed we were leaving rectal sex in 2019, assumption once again. Anal play isn’t going anywhere in 2020. Individuals are just getting even more daring, and that’s where textured and shaking butt connects come in. Textured and/or vibrating plugs provide you a lot bang for your buck when you’re boosting the anal sphincter muscular tissue. You can utilize lube to slide the plug in, and then keep it in during missionary style sex for a double penetrative experience.

One more alternative: Put on a plug in public. Since shaking plugs can make a slight buzzing noise, Sinclair recommends a non-vibrating alternative for when you want to be discrete. “Wearing it on a day evening can be a super warm experience. It’s essentially long term foreplay for all the sex you’re mosting likely to have when you obtain residence.

Shared self pleasure

Common self pleasure is seriously underrated that’s going to transform in 2020. Mutual self pleasure is when you as well as your companion touch your own little bits in front of each other. Start by making out as well as obtaining a little helpful with your companion. When you’re both plenty switched on, sit alongside on the couch or bed. Then, touch yourself while enjoying your partner do the very same.

If you have a liberty, touch your companion on the arm, neck, or leg to increase the affection of the minute, suggests Finn. You can also alternative between seeing your companion touch as well as making eye call to increase the connectedness of the moment.

Conventional lady on the top is so in 2015, however adding a vibe offers the placement a new and amazing spin. “Cyclist on the top is an excellent setting since the biker can control the depth of infiltration as well as see to it it’s enjoyable to them,” claims Sinclair. Have your partner utilize a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris while you ride them. (Sinclair recommends using a wand vibrator due to the fact that the much longer take care of permits simpler reach.) You might be ahead, but by doing this you’re offering a few of the control over to your companion, implying you can unwind as well as let go. Pro tip: Wearable vibes work terrific for this position also, as they maximize you as well as your companions’ hands to be touching each other.

Mindful masturbation

Yep, masturbation made the checklist twice. Why? Well, 2020 is mosting likely to be everything about having your self-reliance. Enter mindful masturbation. “Occasionally you simply wish to scrub one out, yet slowing it way down as well as really taking the time to discover what experiences turn you on can be a wonderful method to develop a much better understanding of what feels excellent,” states Finn. If you have a go-to vibe or sex toy, put it away. “Spend some time explore your various other erogenous areas. Scratch your upper legs, squeeze your nipples, wrap your hand around your neck,” she suggests.

Gradually relocate your hand in between your leg, as well as check out moving your fingers clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down, backward and forward, or in a touching motion. As you do, “take note of your breath as you would while practicing meditation, making sure that you are taking a breath,” advises Finn. This can help your mind and body loosen up, she includes, “giving you a totally different O after that you ‘d have when you’re short in a timely manner.”

See more about sex :

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How much does a wedding event in Santorini cost?

You should not think that a wedding celebration in Santorini is necessarily expensive. The expense of the simplest symbolic wedding begins with 890 Euros, or a main wedding – from 1210 Euros.

The same is about Santorini private tours! You can book a tour and see the beauties of the island.

The island has lots of wedding organizers, the marketplace is well balanced as well as they all work with the same locations and also service providers.

We have actually currently established ideal initial bundles for couples. These plans are easy changed into what you require and you can see them (web links open in a brand-new window).

If these plans don’t suit you, we will certainly compute your option. Just submit a basic form below as well as we will call you within 1 day.

For the majority of clients the price is the most essential problem. So, what influences the cost of a wedding in Greece?


If you welcome guests, organize ahead of time that will certainly pay for their visa, tickets and lodging. You can welcome several loved ones and also good friends, celebrate your wedding among only the closest people or you can choose to obtain married with no visitors.

Location of the wedding event celebration

The more magnificent the banquet, the a lot more pricey it is. Expenses also depend on the venue. You can reserve a whole restaurant for your guests or you can have your wedding dinner on an open balcony on the seaside, simply two of you or with close family. The average dinner price begins with 100 Euro each.

Photo and also video clip

These valuable minutes need to be cherished permanently using professionals who can record what you want in precisely properly. So this is a component worth loosening up the purse strings for. It would certainly be an embarrassment to organize a desire wedding celebration in Santorini and also to get low-grade pictures as well as video clips.

That is why you should listen to the advice of your wedding celebration planner– they understand for certain which of the photographers of the island you can rely on capturing such an essential occasion! Always check portfolio of wedding celebration planner.

Cars and trucks, artists, entertainment, stylists, special decors and even helicopter transfers– you can select any type of extra choices for your celebration.

Floristry and also decor

Venue decor includes bouquets, table designs, a wedding celebration arc and also far more. A timeless wedding in Santorini is stylish and also gorgeous with the stunning sight of the Caldera providing its own kind of decoration.

You can choose to remain only a few days or you can incorporate your wedding experience with some entertainment, home entertainment as well as exploration around the island. For the wedding it is far better to choose a deluxe hotel as well as for your “holiday” you can go with a much more spending plan holiday accommodation.

There are some good beach hotels for your visitors as well as spectacular beach areas. The north part of Santorini also uses some of one of the most lovely and also enchanting locations on the island and likewise a few of the a lot more pricier lodging choices.

Preparation of documents for the official marriage is an additional vital thing of the wedding spending plan in Santorini. These expense is dealt with– you can not save below.

See more about Santorini Tours:

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best blogs, Instagram shots and videos from March 2019 – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Where will our Pathfinders choose you this thirty day period? © Alexander Ippolitov / Shutterstock

From New York’s breathtaking street art scene to Siberia’s wild wintertime wonderlands, our Pathfinders have been jet-setting across the globe and have returned with ever more inspiring tales of their adventures. Look at out March’s spherical-up of our favorite weblogs, Instagrams and movies.

Finest of the weblogs

Avenue artwork in New York town: a guidebook to the ideal hotspots – Carol Guttery

Taxis driving through Times Square, New York City Dive into the color and chaos of New York Metropolis © Luciano Mortula – LGM / Shutterstock

Why we like it: Quite a few towns now entice travelers with their thriving road art scenes, but it’s New York – again in the 1970s – where by it all started. In this submit Carol curates a tour of the Large Apple’s ideal avenue artwork places, foremost visitors to historic murals and lesser-recognized – but equally spectacular – modern day operates. Putting imagery, an embedded map resource and an intro area detailing the attention-grabbing record of the art kind (and its hyperlink with the city) enhance the post’s attractiveness even further.

Carol’s blog site aims to motivate travellers to go beyond the headline sights and obtain choice and offbeat adventures. Learn a lot more at

Landing in New Zealand – Javi Lorbada

Akaroa village on Banks Peninsula New Zealand Akaroa was manufactured for highway-tripping © KarlosXII / Shutterstock

Why we like it: Javi is a wizard when it will come to landscape pictures, so a web site put up about his initial experiences of New Zealand was generally probably to outcome in a mesmerising read. In this photoessay, Javi focuses on the Banking institutions Peninsula, driving a rented campervan from Christchurch to Akaroa (halting at a few scenic vantage factors of training course). With the shots of the camper set in opposition to a star-strewn sky, we obstacle anyone to read through this and not be inspired to strike the open road them selves.

Born in Madrid, Javi travels far and extensive in look for of the ideal shot. Keep tabs on his latest work at

Top rated Instagram pictures

Mexico City, Mexico – Axel Alvarado

Why we like it: In his brilliantly styled shot of just one of Mexico City’s numerous Metro entrances, Axel works by using the ornate, iron structure to body blooming purple blossoms, generating the perfect central emphasis. The colour palette, which includes muted pink hues and vivid violets established in opposition to the utility green of the foreground, operates specifically effectively when crowned by the dreamy blue sky, and the continue to-dimly-lit avenue lamps entire the all round influence with their heat, golden glow.

Axel is a keen vacation photographer who loves very little far more than taking pictures the myriad charms of his property country, Mexico. Comply with him on Instagram @axel.ach.

Siberia, Russia – Yan-Kei Clare

Why we like it: From the tangled network of ice cracks slicing by its reduced 50 percent, to the central figures becoming dwarfed by the towering, craggy rock formation, this pro body of Siberia’s Lake Baikal is full of drama. The glistening solid ice draws the eye in direction of the vivid white of the snow at the rock’s foundation, which seems all the far more monolithic when acting as a backdrop for the image’s brightly clad (but miniscule) explorers. This is a cleverly crafted shot of character at its most panoramic.

Yan-Kei is a world-hopping vacation blogger with restless feet and endless wanderlust. Follow her on Instagram @yan_keiclare.

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Items to do in Tuscany – A Pretty Planet

Why we like it: Pacey, lively and powerful, this short film that includes Tuscany’s major sights is a excellent showcase for the region’s numerous charms. Fusing sweeping, aerial sights throughout rooftops and fields with up-shut, on-the-ground footage of every little thing from church tower climbing to truffle foraging, this is a dynamic and fresh new snapshot of a single of Italy’s most well-liked locations.

Hayley and Enrico are a globetrotting travel team, exploring and capturing new experiences in every single corner of the globe on camera, and by means of their website A Attractive Earth.

Find out what else the Lonely Planet Pathfinders are up to by examining out the Pathfinders discussion board on Thorn Tree.

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Living in Germany: A Guide For Digital Nomads

As Europe’s economic powerhouse, Germany has become one of the most desirable destinations for expats, freelancers, and digital nomads. Whether you’re working out of a shared co-working office or embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure, you’ll find plenty of opportunities while living in Germany.

This culturally rich country has something for every type of traveller. You can live high in the snow-capped Bavarian Alps, on the port-side harbor in Hamburg, or in the buzzing center of Berlin. With amazing, hearty food, plenty of affordable beer, and rich culture, Germany is calling your name.

I spent the summer months living in Munich as a digital nomad, and in this guide, I’ll cover what life in Germany is like, and what to expect when moving to a new country. You’ll also learn about the cost of living in Germany, as well as a few cultural differences you might encounter.

Cost of Living in Germany

Although Germany is considered one of the biggest economic powers in Europe, living in Germany doesn’t have to be expensive. Especially compared to other European countries, Germany is relatively affordable. Here are a few sample costs that you can expect to pay in some of Germany’s biggest cities.

Cost of Accommodation in Germany

The cost of your apartment in Germany will depend on several factors. For one, some cities are more expensive than others. If you plan to live in Munich, you can expect your rent to be higher than if you live in Berlin, for example.

Another factor to consider is where you live within the city. Although living in the inner city center might bring you closer to the main attractions, it will inevitably be more expensive than if you lived in the suburbs or outskirts.

If you want to save money, sharing an apartment or house is an excellent option. Not only will you save on accommodation costs, but you’ll have friends and roommates you can explore the city with.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay the following accommodation costs when living in Germany:

  • Private 50sq meter apartment in Berlin center: 650€  
  • Private 50sq meter apartment in Cologne center: 800€  
  • Private 50sq meter apartment in Munich center: 1100€  
  • Room in shared apartment in Berlin: 400€  
  • Room in shared apartment in Cologne: 450€  
  • Room in shared apartment in Munich: 500€  

Cost of Food and Drink in Germany

The cost of food and drink in Germany will largely depend on what and where you eat. If you know where to look, you can fill up on some of your favorite German dishes for under 10€ ($11) a meal. On average, restaurant prices remain consistent, no matter what city you’re living in.

    • Meal in an inexpensive restaurant: 8€ ($8.85)
    • Three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant: 30€ ($33.20)
    • Bottle of beer in a restaurant: 3€ ($3.30)
    • Glass of wine in a restaurant: 5€ ($5.50)
    • Bottle of water in a restaurant: 2.50€ ($2.75)

Cooking at home is an excellent option for saving money while living in Germany. Food in supermarkets or grocery stores is far cheaper than dining out in a restaurant. Not to mention, meats, cheeses, and fresh produce are often cheaper in Germany than in the US or UK!

Cost of Transportation in Germany

Thanks to the efficient public transportation system, getting around Germany is fast, pain-free, and in many cities, affordable. Whether you’re bar hopping between different neighborhoods or traversing cross-country around Germany, taking the train, bus, or subway is an excellent option.

  • One-way bus/subway ticket in Berlin: 2.80€ ($3.10)
  • One-way bus/subway ticket in Cologne: 2.50€ ($2.75) 
  • One-way bus/subway ticket in Munich: 2.70€ ($3)
  • Train ticket from Berlin to Munich: 80€ ($88.50)
  • 10-minute taxi ride: 10€ ($11)

Daily Life When Living in Germany

Living in Germany is an exciting opportunity for many digital nomads. Whether you’re exploring the country by train or sipping ice-cold lager in a beer garden, Germany presents many new experiences for travelers.

To help you adjust to your new home in Germany, keep the following in mind to make your transition an easy one.

Cash is Mandatory

Whether you’re dining in a restaurant or shopping in a market, you should always carry Euros in cash. While most department stores and large-scale restaurants accept credit cards, it’s not guaranteed. In fact, I’ve even been stuck in a grocery store that only took German bank credit cards!

For this reason, it’s crucial always to have cash at hand.

Additionally, sales tax is usually included in the price you see on the label or menu. Unlike America, where the sales tax is added after, you can always expect to pay the price you see.

Relaxing on Sundays

When in Germany, make sure you do all your shopping during the week or on Saturday. Once Sunday rolls around, markets, stores, and even family-owned restaurants close their doors for the day. That’s because Sunday is reserved for relaxing and spending time with family and friends instead of shopping or running errands.

Although most restaurants and cafes stay open on Sunday, especially in the big tourist neighborhoods, everything else is usually closed. You’ll also notice the cities feel a lot emptier during the day, as most people stay in their apartments or houses on Sundays.

Public Transportation is Based On The Honor System

When you take the train or subway in Germany, you probably won’t see any security turnstiles or places to scan your ticket before entering. That’s because most trains, buses, and trams are based on the honor system. While you are expected to buy and validate your ticket, there’s no mechanical system that checks before you hop on board.

However, there may be disguised workers that will ask to see your ticket every once in a while. If you’re caught without one, you’ll be slapped with a hefty fine.

Recycling is a Very Serious Matter

As one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world, Germany has a complex but efficient recycling system. Not only do you need to separate trash from plastics, but you also need to sort your glass into brown, green, and clear containers.

recycling in germany

Along the same lines, Germany also adds a “pfand” or deposit to plastic and glass items. If you bring the empty bottle back to the grocery store, you’ll get that money back. On average, the pfand is between .08€ to .25€ per item.

Work-Life Balance is More Flexible

Unlike other companies in the Western world, Germany businesses place a strong emphasis on work-life balance for employees.

Not only do most employees get a minimum of 24 holiday days off, but they also tend to work fewer hours during the day. On the other hand, German employees need to be more productive during the workday. Although they may work fewer hours than their American or UK counterparts, they still have the same amount of work to complete.

You also might find that many German employees do not work after leaving the office. While other cultures tend to answer emails at night, or even on weekends, this is relatively unheard of in Germany.

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Cultural Differences to be Aware of in Germany

Although moving to a new country can be exciting, you don’t want to be completely taken aback by the German lifestyle. Once you move to Germany, you might encounter a few cultural differences from what you are used to in your home country.

Communication Style is Different

To say it frankly, Germans can be very direct communicators. Unlike other western cultures where it’s common to be passive and polite, Germans are known for being practical, honest, and straightforward.

For this reason, Germans sometimes come across as rude or negative to outsiders. However, this is rarely a malicious attitude and can be mostly blamed on the difference in cultures between Germany and other countries.

On the other hand, this means that many Germans are very true to their word. If a German makes plans with you, you can usually count on them to show up (and of course, to be on time).

Customer Satisfaction isn’t a Top Priority

If you expect that the customer is always right, then you might be in for a culture shock while living in Germany. Waitstaff, customer service agents, and service personnel generally favor process over customer satisfaction. That means, as a client or customer, there’s far less leniency in getting what you want.

Along the same lines, don’t expect your waiter or bartender to be over-friendly. While they should always be polite, it’s not common for them to make small talk or go out of their way to enhance your experience.

living in germany socializing

Remember your “Du” and “Sie”

The German language consists of a formal and informal way of speaking to others. “Sie” is used in a formal setting, for elders and acquaintances, while “du” is used with friends, family, or other close relationships.

If you’re learning German or speaking to others in a workplace, remember that there are stark differences depending on who you’re addressing.

Transportation in Germany

The German transportation system is not just efficient and timely, but also easy to navigate.

Germany is home to several international airports, including Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, and Munich. If you plan on traveling outside the country, then flying out of one of Germany’s airports is an excellent option.

However, if you plan to travel domestically, or to cities in neighboring countries, then taking the train can be easier and faster than flying. Long-distance high-speed trains and regional trains are the preferred transportation options for locals and travelers. They’re usually on time, and are clean and comfortable for traveling around Germany.

If you’re on a budget, traveling by bus is another option. FlixBus and BlaBlaBus are two domestic and international bus companies with hundreds of routes around Europe. Tickets can be booked last minute and are often much cheaper than flying or taking the train. The only downside is, your travel time might be two or three times longer!

germany train

Once you’re in the city of your choice, you’ll have several options for getting around. The underground metro, or U-Bahn, can be found in most major cities in Germany. Other cities might have a bus or tram system as well.

If money isn’t a big concern, then you can also take taxis or ride shares around Germany. FreeNow (formerly MyTaxi) and Uber are just two companies that operate in major German cities.

Your last option for getting around Germany is by car. Not only will you have the freedom to explore the country at your own pace, but you’ll also be able to speed down the world-famous autobahn! Keep in mind that most cars are manual transmission. An automatic transmission is rare, and usually costs more than renting a manual car.

Where to Live in Germany

Before you move to Germany, one of your first steps will be deciding where to live. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, there are several wonderful and exciting cities in Germany to choose from.


As the most progressive and diverse city in Germany, Berlin is a fabulous option for digital nomads and travelers. Along with Berlin’s vibrant and arguably complex history, it remains one of the most popular destinations for expats and foreigners. In fact, more people speak English in Berlin than any other city in Germany.

It’s also considered one of Germany’s newest cities. Since Germany’s reunification in 1989, Berlin is slowly transforming to become one of the trendiest and most economical towns around. You’ll find world-class museums and busy restaurants amid historical relics like Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, and the Berlin Wall. There are numerous things to do here, you’ll never be bored.

Not only will you find a wide range of co-working spaces and start-ups, but you’ll also be immersed in one of the most creative cities in the world. Berlin is known for attracting artists, musicians, hipsters, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. This is a very unique city.

Best of all, Berlin is one of the cheapest places to live in Germany. Flats are far more affordable than most major cities in the country, which makes it the ideal destination for digital nomads.

So, if you’re looking for a creative, international city with a touch of alternative edginess, look no further than Berlin!

living in berlin germany


Located in the heart of Rhineland, Cologne manages to seamlessly blend urban life with decades of history. It was one of the most bombed cities during WWII, which left the majority of homes, buildings, and shops burned to the ground.

Since Germany’s reunification, efforts were made to rebuild Cologne’s Old Town (Altstadt) into the charming, cobblestone neighborhood that stands there today. Although much of the city is reconstructed, Cologne is still a beautiful and culturally diverse place to live.

Many people consider Cologne to be a smaller version of Berlin. Dotted around the city are lush parks, trendy neighborhoods, and international communities.

There are several iconic landmarks to visit during your stay in Cologne. However, the most prominent attraction is the grand Cologne Cathedral, which looms over the entire city. Situated on the banks of the Rhine River, the Cologne Cathedral is the tallest twin-spired building in the whole world.

If you’re interested in experiencing traditional German life, then make Cologne your next home away from home.

Cologne Germany


When most people think of Munich, they conjure up images of lederhosen, liters of beer, and jolly Oompa-music. But in reality, there’s much more to Bavaria’s capital than meets the eye. Munich is a clean, business-friendly city that is sure to delight any digital nomad and freelancer.

Although Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany, it resembles a large village rather than an international city. Neighborhoods are flooded with students, expats, and fun-loving locals, which gives Munich a laid-back and relaxed vibe.

The historic city center is lined with Gothic, Baroque, and Neo-classical architecture, while the surrounding neighborhoods maintain a more early 20th-century feel.

During your stay in Munich, you’ll have the opportunity to visit many attractions. Enjoy a picnic in the English Garden, explore the automotive industry at BMW World, and chow down on pretzels and sausages at Viktualienmarkt. And when Autumn comes around, you’ll have Oktoberfest to show you how Bavarians truly like to celebrate!

However, you should also keep in mind that Munich is the most expensive city to live in Germany. You can expect to pay more for rent and food in Munich compared to other places around the country.

living in munich

If you can afford to live in Munich, then you should take the opportunity. Munich is a wonderful city overflowing with traditional Bavarian culture and life!

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Accommodation Options in Germany

Once you move to Germany, you’ll need to find a place to stay. Fortunately, Germany offers many different types of accommodation, from shared apartments to private houses and everything in between.

As a general rule of thumb, the closer you live to the city center, the more expensive your accommodation will be. On the other hand, you’ll be within walking distance (or short train ride) from the city’s most exciting attractions and sites.

If budget is a concern, you can find accommodation in the outskirts or surrounding neighborhoods. Fortunately, Germany’s well-connected transportation system makes it easy to get from the suburbs to the city center quickly. That means you can save money while also being close enough to the best sights in the city.

It’s also common to find shared temporary housing, especially in student and University areas. By renting a room, you’ll share a kitchen, living room, and possibly a bathroom with one or more people. Not only is this an excellent option for saving money, but it’s also an easy way to make friends when you move to a new city.

Visa Situation for Americans, Canadians and UK Citizens

If you plan on visiting Germany for a short period, then you might not be required to obtain a visa before entering. American, Canadian, and UK citizens can come and stay in Germany for tourism for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

For long-term stays, you will be required to get a visa. In Germany, there are several options for long-term visas. If you are working for a company based in Germany, you can be issued a work permit or EU Blue Card. Germany also provides visas for students or German language learners. Click here to learn more about obtaining a working holiday visa in Germany.

If you’re a freelancer or business owner, you can also apply for a freelance visa. This would allow you to hire clients and pay taxes while living in Germany.

Finally, Berlin residents can apply for a special artist freelance visa. If you’re a creative professional, such as a painter, dancer, or musician, you might be eligible to apply for this type of visa.

At the moment, it’s unclear how Brexit will affect the visa procedures for British citizens. The specific details for moving and living in Germany will need to be finalized by the UK government.

Pros and Cons of Living in Germany

From the friendly locals to the free-flowing beer, there are many advantages to living in Germany. However, moving to a new country presents its own challenges and difficulties. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind before deciding to live in Germany.

Pros of Living in Germany

  • Clean, safe, and friendly to foreigners
  • Plenty of bilingual co-working spaces and offices
  • Central location which is ideal for traveling around Europe
  • Fast, efficient, and reliable public transportation
  • Fun nightlife and party culture
  • Many foreigners and expats

Cons of Living in Germany

  • Can be expensive, depending on where you live
  • English not widely spoken outside the main cities
  • Can be difficult to find long-term accommodation
  • Might experience a few culture shocks

life in germany

Final Thoughts

From the glistening lakes to the charming rural villages, Germany is a diverse country that should be at the top of your travel bucket list. Not only is it an ideal destination for travelers and visitors, but it’s also one of the top places in Europe for expats and digital nomads.

In Germany, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a new culture and meet other like-minded and creative individuals. And if traveling is one of your passions, then you’ll be happy to know that you can easily travel to dozens of other countries in just a few hours! Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands are just a short drive away.

So don’t wait! It’s time to take the leap and say Guten Tag to a new life in Germany.

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have you felt a disturbance in the Force? – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Wonderings: rambles by and reflections on vacation… this thirty day period, James Kay travels to the parallel universe of the theme park © Joe Davis / Lonely Earth

It is a specific week for the 177,000-odd folks in England and Wales, and several more about the earth, who determine their religion as Jedi: Saturday is Star Wars Day (May well the Fourth, geddit?), the annual grassroots celebration of all things related to that galaxy considerably, much absent.

Just about every calendar year, fans of the franchise don robes, set lightsabers on demand and elevate a glass of Bantha-blood fizz to the likes of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo – or, if you bat for the Dim Side, Darth Vader and different lesser Darths. (Take note to the Ewok-in-main: no a single, but no one particular, celebrates Jar Jar Binks, George.)

From uber-lovers who livestream their reactions on YouTube as they check out trailers for forthcoming flicks right down to closet-dwelling admirers of this rich fictional planet like me, the innovative juggernaut that initial rolled into cinemas again in 1977 shows no signal of functioning out of highway.

An growing universe

Just like the real just one, the Star Wars universe just retains on growing, an inflationary cultural phenomenon that has extensive outgrown its authentic medium, spawning a great number of spin-offs – guides, games and ample merch to fill the hangar bay of a Star Destroyer (USD$32 billion of it, to be specific).

A number of months back, for instance, I invested a chunk of cash in a Lego model of Luke’s X-Wing Starfighter (this age-inappropriate toy is now properly stowed in the eaves, but I’m assured that the kids will want to guide a Rebel raid on a 50 %-built, papier mâché Loss of life Star when the time is suitable – no, I defo did not invest in it for myself).

And afterwards this thirty day period, there will be a novel way to dwell this most protean of brands as hardly ever ahead of: on the final working day of May, Disneyland in California will carry the veil on the initially section of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a gazillion-dollar extension of the theme park that will, purportedly, transport attendees to the distant world of Batuu.

When there, they can rub shoulders with shifty inter-galactic smugglers, pledge their undying allegiance to the Resistance or throw their lot in with the undesirable guys they’ll even be capable to consider management of ‘the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy’, aka the Millennium Falcon, as a result satisfying the ultimate fantasy of many a center-aged geek.

have you felt a disturbance in the Force? – Lonely Planet's travel blog Guests to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge can choose the controls of the fastest ship in the galaxy, aka the storied Millennium Falcon © Disney Parks

That is just for starters, as well: a next, even shinier phase of this mega venture will open afterwards this year, as will a different Star Wars-themed land at Walt Disney Globe in Florida. Price hikes notwithstanding, so well known are these points of interest most likely to be that Disney has created exclusive arrangements to control the move of readers.

Placing any cynicism apart, there is a lot to admire about the ambition of all this. Supplied its storytelling ability and industrial nous, Disney is probably the perfect custodian of Star Wars here was the perfect chance for its famed imagineers to desire the dreams of a billion admirers and make them ‘real’ (be aware, pedants: there is no way to calculate the actual variety of fans, but bearing in head that the films on your own have grossed nearly USD$10 billion, we can securely say there are… a good deal).

Ever given that Walt Disney opened his very first resort in 1955, the business has pioneered a variety of journey working experience like no other. It is not for all people, of class – but from what I can see, it’s an knowledge in developing desire as concept parks proliferate close to the environment, perhaps supplanting other details of desire, whether or not normal or cultural, on our psychological maps.

Escape and enlightenment?

The big boys – Disney itself, in addition fellow industry titans like Merlin and Common, and even lesser lights – are ceaselessly expanding their portfolios of parks, rides and resorts to cater for that need, significantly in Asia where an emerging middle class’s thirst for entertainment is the engine of growth.

Jediism in no way manufactured it as an official religion. But just one can make a scenario that theme parks are rapid starting to be to the 21st century what the great icons of spiritual architecture have been to the 20th: places of pilgrimage exactly where we find escape and enlightenment. Okay, possibly that’s not so legitimate of Tyra Banks’ Modelland, but you catch my drift.

Meanwhile, in a odd twist, there is the curious case of Venice, a area that has become at any time much more concept park-like in its struggle to cope with a relentlessly growing tide of summer people. Makes an attempt to put in turnstiles on the Piazzale Roma may well have foundered, but the mayor continue to designs to introduce a booking process for tourists in 2022, forcing people to reserve entry to the city in a lot the exact same way as they might for, say, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge…

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Guide To Drinking and Dancing in PV

Located in Banderas Bay on the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta has long been a popular tourist destination. With picturesque beaches, a vibrant culture, and fun nightlife, this is definitely one of the best places to visit in Mexico. This guide is for all you party animals out there, as we’re going to dive into the awesome Puerto Vallarta nightlife!

While many people may think of Puerto Vallarta as a spring break hotspot, there’s a lot more to the nightlife here than youngsters downing tequila shots at Señor Frogs. In fact, there are plenty of fun bars in Puerto Vallarta that aren’t overpriced tourist traps.

On a night out in PV, you can take your pick between chilled out beach bars, hidden cocktail joints, local craft breweries, LGBT-friendly bars, and pulsating nightclubs. There are so many choices here that you can bar hop on every night of your trip and barely scratch the surface. 

In this fun-loving city, every night of the week has the potential to be a big one. Of course, you can expect there to be bigger crowds and more events on the weekends, but you’ll still find plenty of people out and about on a Monday. After all, the best deals always come early in the week!

Having called Puerto Vallarta my home away from home for over two years now, I can assure you I did plenty of “research” for this guide. I did the backbreaking work of sipping margaritas on the beach and rocking out with local bands at night just for you. Let’s get this show on the road and check out the best options for Puerto Vallarta nightlife.

Best Beach Bars in Puerto Vallarta

The thing about Puerto Vallarta nightlife is that it actually kind of starts during the day. After all, this is a beach town. There are several beach bars in PV, most of them located on the popular Los Muertos Beach. 

Some beach bars require a minimum consumption in order to use their umbrellas and sun loungers. I’m not going to send you to those places in this guide. Instead, I chose some of my favorite beachfront joints that have reasonable prices and no minimum spend. 

Swell Beach Bar

  • Location: Amapas 182, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from 9 AM-8 PM

Located just south of the pier on Los Muertos, this is one of the top Puerto Vallarta bars on the beach. They have tons of umbrellas and loungers here so it’s never that hard to get a comfortable spot. 

Swell is a great place to go in the afternoon for a casual lunch and some drinks. Go ahead and order up a margarita and some ceviche — you’re in Mexico after all! Feet in the sand, cold drink in hand, and as if it couldn’t get any better, you can even get a massage right here on the beach.

If you’re like me and get bored sitting around, you can easily take part in some watersports like parasailing or SUPing. This bar closes around sunset, so go wash the salt and sand off and get ready for the evening. Or promptly pass out from too much sun and tequila. Your call!

Cuates y Cuetes

  • Location: Francisca Rodríguez 101, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily 8 AM-11 PM

If you’re looking for a place to grab dinner and drinks on the beach, Cuates y Cuetes is a solid choice. They have a few tables in the sand here with a fantastic view of the pier and sunset. 

Thanks to its location and views, Cuates y Cuetes is usually busy around dinnertime. It’s a good idea to make a reservation or get there early if you want to get a table on the beach.

This isn’t a guide about PV’s restaurants, though. This is a guide to Puerto Vallarta nightlife! They’ve got live music here at 8 PM every night of the week, so it’s the perfect choice to pre-game before a night out on the town.


El Solar

  • Location: Paraguay 1294, 5 de Diciembre (click here for directions)
  • Hours: 12 PM-11 PM M-Tues, 11 AM-Midnight Wed-Thurs, 11 AM-3 AM Fri-Sat, 11 AM-11 PM Sun

In my humble opinion, this is the best option for beachside Puerto Vallarta nightlife. I may be a bit biased as it’s also my local bar, but this place truly is awesome.

As with the other beach bars, El Solar is busy both day and night. Unlike the others on this list, though, the party goes late here on the weekend.

They usually have live music on Friday and Saturday night as well as on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes it’s a DJ playing tunes and they also have some really talented bands come through. Order up their unique jalapeño mezcalita and get ready to rock!

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Best Gay Bars in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a very LGBT-friendly travel destination. Here you’ll find lots of hotels and bars that cater to LGBT travelers. The city also hosts a massive pride week every May that draws in thousands of visitors.

Most of the LGBT-friendly bars are located in the Romantic Zone, which is known as PV’s “gay-borhood.” Here are a few of the best options for Puerto Vallarta nightlife when it comes to gay bars and clubs.

Blue Chairs Rooftop Bar

  • Location: Almendro 116, Los Muertos Beach, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily 3-11 PM

This place is really easy to find. Just walk to the end of Los Muertos beach and look for the – you guessed it – blue chairs! It’s definitely one of the most famous gay bars in Puerto Vallarta, but all are welcome here.

You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy the restaurant, bar, and pool. They have a great view here and are known for their excellent service. 

This isn’t just a daytime spot, though. They host fun events every night, from karaoke to “drag queen bingo.” 

Mr. Flamingo

  • Location: Lázaro Cárdenas 247, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from 2 PM-3 AM

This is hands down one of the most fun gay bars in Puerto Vallarta to party. Every single time I walk by Mr. Flamingo late at night, it’s absolutely packed. The dance floor is always bumping and the drinks are always flowing at Mr. Flamingo.

One of the best things about partying at Mr. Flamingo is that you get such a nice mix of people here. Locals and tourists, gay and straight, old and young — everyone can appreciate a fun night out at this classic Puerto Vallarta bar.

cocktails puerto vallarta
Image Credit: Shutterstock

La Noche

  • Location: Lázaro Cárdenas 267, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from 3 PM-3 AM

Just a few doors down from Mr. Flamingo is another one of the best gay bars in Puerto Vallarta, La Noche. It’s only fitting that a place named “The Night” makes the list of best options for Puerto Vallarta nightlife!

Advertising “3 floors of fun,” La Noche has a large main floor with pulsating house music and go-go dancers. Upstairs is a 2-level rooftop garden with some fantastic views of the town. Be sure to add this unique spot to your list of Puerto Vallarta bars to check out.

Best Puerto Vallarta Bars for Craft Beer

Craft beers are all the rage these days, and lucky for you, there are two great brewpubs here in Puerto Vallarta.


  • Location: Venustiano Carranza 239, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from noon-midnight

When it comes to local craft beer in Puerto Vallarta, Monzon is the undisputed champion. These guys have been brewing up creative beers in paradise for a few years, from coconut stouts to a jalapeño margarita gose. I consider myself a “beer enthusiast” and haven’t had a brew I didn’t like here yet!

Monzon hosts trivia in English every Wednesday night and in Spanish on Fridays. It’s a great way to meet people and have some fun over a few beers. They also recently opened their upstairs Mosaic Room with several TVs if there’s a game you want to watch.

craft beer bar puerto vallarta nightlife

Los Muertos

  • Location: Lázaro Cárdenas 302, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from 11 AM-12 AM

If your idea of a fun night out consists of pizza, beer, and sports, then I’ve got the place for you. Los Muertos Brewing is one of the best Puerto Vallarta bars for a slice, a pint, and whatever sports game is on.

I know that 4-6 PM doesn’t exactly fall into the “nightlife” category, but it’s worth mentioning that pints are only 35 pesos ($1.75) during this Happy Hour. Score!

Best Cocktail Bars in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking to enjoy a mixed drink, rather than the typical margarita or beer, here are some cool cocktail bars you won’t want to miss.

El Colibri

  • Location: Morelos 582, El Centro (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Sun, Tues-Thurs from 8 PM-2 AM, Fri-Sat from 6 PM-2 AM

A recent addition to the Puerto Vallarta nightlife scene is the fantastic El Colibri. This hidden gem may not seem like much from the street, but inside you’ll find a chilled-out courtyard and some of the best cocktails in town.

Upon entering, you’ll pass a sign that says “Welcome to the jungle, amigos” and you’ll quickly see why. Their outdoor garden seating area with a fountain definitely has a bit of a jungle vibe to it.

In a town full of bars pouring the same old cocktails, this place is a breath of fresh air. They come up with new ideas every week, such as the “Chama” (pineapple, mint, chocolate bitters, spiced rum). Sounds delicious, right?! They often have DJs spinning tunes here starting at 8:00pm on the weekends, so it’s a great spot for some drinks and dancing.

Twisted Palms

  • Location: Ignacio L. Vallarta 228, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Thurs to Mon from 6-11 PM (mid-October to July)

Famous for having the best martinis in town, Twisted Palms has been a staple in the Puerto Vallarta nightlife scene for 11 years now. It’s located on a rooftop in the heart of the Romantic Zone and is one of the best tucked-away bars in Puerto Vallarta.

They’re best known for Martini Madness Mondays, where their signature cocktails only cost 65 pesos ($3.25) and they show a classic James Bond flick. They do take the “low season” off though, so you’re out of luck if visiting during the summer months.

cocktails in puerto vallarta

Bar La Playa

  • Location: Lázaro Cárdenas 179, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Open daily from 3 PM-12 AM

Not only is this one of my personal favorite bars in Puerto Vallarta, but it’s home to some of the friendliest bartenders around whipping up some tasty cocktails.

Despite the name, Bar La Playa isn’t actually located on “la playa.” It’s close enough, though, as it’s right next to Lazaro Cardenas Park and just a block from the ocean. 

There aren’t too many stools here, so it’s the kind of place that encourages you to make friends with your drinking neighbours. After a few of their famous cocktails, that shouldn’t be too hard. BLP is one of the best places to start a night out in Puerto Vallarta.

Best Sports Bars in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for a side of sports with your drinks, these are the best sports bars in the city. Football, UFC, soccer, you name it and it’ll be showing.

El Torito Sports Bar & BBQ House

  • Location: Venustiano Carranza 243, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs 11 AM-11 PM, Fri-Sat 11 AM-Midnight

I’m willing to bet you can guess what this place specializes in! El Torito has been one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for sports and BBQ since 1982. 

Whether it’s an NFL game, a UFC fight, or the World Cup, they’re showing it here at El Torito. On big fight nights and for special events like the Super Bowl, the place is packed and you’ll need to make a reservation.

In addition to being a classic sports bar, El Torito is famous for its mouthwatering BBQ ribs. Be sure to come here hungry as they serve the plates loaded with fries and coleslaw.


  • Location: Rodolfo Gómez 138, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from noon-midnight

Located just one block up from Los Muertos, this is the perfect place to come after a day on the beach, especially when there’s a game on. It’s a great spot to transition from day drinking on the beach to enjoying Puerto Vallarta nightlife.

Players has very reasonably priced drinks, delicious burgers, and a few TVs so they can accommodate different sports fans. They have live music at night from time to time as well, so stick around and rock out!

tequila shots in puerto vallarta
Image Credit: Shutterstock

El Soñador

  • Location: Ignacio L. Vallarta 229, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from 7 PM-4 AM

Of the countless bars in Puerto Vallarta, there’s a special place in my heart (or liver) for El Soñador. It’s basically my “Cheers” — you know, the place where everyone knows your name. 

While this gets my vote for my overall favorite bar in town, I’m including it under sports bars because their rooftop terrace is the best place to watch the fight or the big game. I don’t even like UFC but I end up going there every time there’s a big fight just because it’s fun.

Whether you’re watching sports or not, El Soñador is an awesome bar to check out. In addition to the terrace full of TVs, they have a pool table downstairs.

Best Bars for Live Music in Puerto Vallarta

While DJ music is great, there’s nothing better than the real deal. In Puerto Vallarta, unfortunately, due to noise regulations there aren’t a lot of bars that offer live music, but here are a couple of them.  


  • Location: Insurgentes 109, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Thursday-Sunday 4 PM-Midnight

If you’re looking to get away from the noise and crowds, Incanto is a great choice. It’s a beautiful location overlooking the Cuale River and feels worlds apart from the more raucous nightlife just down the street.

This is definitely one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for music lovers. It’s a piano bar, but they also host open mic nights, salsa lessons, musicals, and much more. Be sure to check their calendar of events to see what’s playing while you’re in town.

puerto vallarta nightlife
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Roxy Rock House

  • Location: Ignacio L. Vallarta 217, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from 10 PM-6 AM

While I enjoy Puerto Vallarta nightlife, I must say that my biggest complaint is a lack of options for live music. Local noise ordinances have forced several places to stop hosting bands, causing some spots to close entirely.

Thankfully, one place that’s still rocking hard is Roxy. Located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s party district, this place always cranks it up on a nightly basis.

If you get worn out by all the EDM and reggaeton coming out of all the other bars, this is the spot to come grab a cold beer and throw up the rock hands! 

La Casa de Hugo

  • Location: Hamburgo 146, Versailles (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Tues-Sun 5 PM- 2 AM

Most of the bars in this guide are located in the Romantic Zone, as that area is the heart of Puerto Vallarta nightlife. For this next one, though, I’m sending you to a more local ‘hood to a classic dive bar.

La Casa de Hugo is located in the Versailles neighborhood just inland from the hotel zone. It’s worth it to head to this part of town for the restaurants alone, as there are several excellent choices. 

After dinner, be sure to stick around to party it up in this classic dive bar. They’ve got a pool table and live music most nights. It gets packed to the brim on the weekend, mostly with locals. This is the perfect place to practice your Spanish.

Kooky Karaoke

  • Location: Lázaro Cárdenas 315A, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Open daily from 6 PM-4 AM

I know that karaoke isn’t technically “live music,” but I just have to include this place. After all, some of my best nights out in Puerto Vallarta have ended right here with some hilarious drunken sing-a-longs, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Kooky isn’t just any old karaoke bar. First of all, you can request any song and they will find it for you. They also have props like bright neon wigs and air guitars that help turn your performance up to 11. 

If you’ve already visited a few other Puerto Vallarta bars and the liquid confidence has you feeling like a rockstar, be sure to drop by Kooky and sing a song or two. 

Top Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta

Put your shorts and flip flops away for a night, dress up and hit the clubs! Here are some of the best places to dance the night away in PV.


  • Location: 278 Ignacio L. Vallarta, Romantic Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Thurs-Sun from 10 PM-5 AM

A newcomer to the Puerto Vallarta nightlife scene, Co-De made an immediate splash. I remember the first time I walked by it on a Friday night and was instantly mesmerized by the scene coming out of there.

First of all, there’s a seriously impressive light show going on in Co-De. Second, the high ceilings allow them to bring in aerialists and acrobats. How cool is that?!

This place looks like tons of fun, and that’s coming from a guy who really doesn’t do clubbing at all. Friends have told me that the way to go here is getting a group together to get a table and bottle service. You should probably call ahead and make a reservation if that’s what you decide to do.


  • Location: Blvrd Francisco Medina Ascencio 2125, Hotel Zone (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Thurs-Sat from 10 PM-6 AM

While a lot of places in the Romantic Zone may refer to themselves as a “nightclub,” most of them are really just bars with strobe lights. If you want a full-on clubbing experience, you’ll need to travel up to the Hotel Zone to check out Strana.

This place starts late and goes late and is only open from Thursday to Sunday. You’ll need to dress to impress here, which is probably why I haven’t been there yet. I tend to spend most of my time in PV in tank tops and flip flops. This club definitely looks like fun, though.

Malecon Clubs (Mandala, La Vaquita, Zoo)

  • Location: On the Malecon (click here for directions)
  • Hours: Daily from 7 PM-6 AM

Last but not least, we have the stretch of nightclubs along Puerto Vallarta’s famous Malecon. This oceanfront promenade is full of beautiful sculptures as well as some pretty rowdy nightlife. 

There are three massive nightclubs located next to each other here — Mandala, La Vaquita, and Zoo. They all get going around midnight and party hard until the wee hours of the morning. Each club has its own special events like foam parties or Ladies’ Night from time to time. 

Yes, these places are touristy and a bit cheesy, but who cares? You’re on vacation. Plus, where else in the world are you going to take shots with a guy dressed in a gorilla suit before getting on a giant swing overlooking the ocean?!

puerto vallarta party
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Ready for Puerto Vallarta Nightlife?

As you can see, your options are basically endless when it comes to Puerto Vallarta nightlife. It’s the kind of place where you can be out at 4 AM taking tequila shots and dancing on tables. It’s also possible to have a relaxed night out with craft cocktails and some live music. The choice is yours, amigos.

In order to fully enjoy all that this amazing place has to offer, I highly recommend spending at least one week in Puerto Vallarta. This gives you the ability to partake in the wild nightlife a few times, have recovery days on the beach, and still squeeze in a few tours. After spending over 2 years living here, we’ve compiled a guide to the perfect Puerto Vallarta vacation. For more on the country, have a look at this complete guide to Mexico Travel.  

Have you partied in PV? What were your favorite bars and clubs to go to? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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exploring Panama – one of our top countries to visit in 2019 – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Sunset in the spectacular El Valle ©Timothy Cohen

Lonely Earth Pathfinder, Timothy Cohen, is just lately again from a whirlwind trip all over Panama – 1 of our leading nations around the world to pay a visit to in 2019. From deserted seashores to bustling, urban hubs, here’s what he learned…

Panama has normally been a thriller to me. All I understood about the place was its entire world-well known canal. The closer I got to its border, the a lot more fellow travellers I achieved who appeared dubious about my program to check out the state for a entire thirty day period. It appeared that Panama is ‘travelled through’ alternatively than travelled itself. Men and women do usually transit there on their way to Colombia or Costa Rica, leaving driving them a nation complete of underrated gems. There are several methods to get into Panama from Colombia, but given that getting into by land is unattainable due to the Darién Hole, I was left with a few alternatives – getting a flight, a 5 day boat journey from Cartagena, or a three day speedboat journey from Capurganá. I selected the latter – a lot less well-known and a tiny far more adventurous…

The San Blas Archipelago

My boat vacation took me as a result of the archipelago of San Blas, inhabited by the Kuna men and women, an autonomous, indigenous group living on 49 of the 365 islands. I opted to use the companies of a Kuna-primarily based business, San Blas Frontera, to be certain that my dollars would stop up staying within just the group.

In the course of the journey through the archipelago, we stopped off at a number of islands. Some have been inhabited, some had a modest quantity of homes dotted all over, and some others have been completely deserted. As perfectly as conference the Kuna communities, I was also blessed adequate to take pleasure in the attractive, sandy beach with not a treatment in the earth (other than having sunburn). A diverse sunny island for each day of the year – undoubtedly some thing I could get utilized to!

Meeting the Kuna folks

On the next working day of the boat trip through San Blas, we dropped anchor on the island of Naranjo Chico. This small piece of land is household to a Kuna village and a handful of ‘cabañas’, in which my new vacation companions and I spent the evening. In Naranjo Chico, I met Johnny, a younger Kuna area living on the island. He straight away befriended me, and was really intrigued by my digicam!

Enjoyable point: until eventually the late 1990s, the coconut was the principal currency in this area. Currently, despite the fact that the Kuna folks do still use the coconut as a forex, it has been overtaken by the US Greenback and the Balboa. Presently, a person coconut is valued at only $.40, but the Kuna individuals nevertheless find it amusing to say that, in this area at the very least, income genuinely does expand on trees!

The Miami of Latin The united states

After three unforgettable times in San Blas, I set off to achieve the mainland, and arguably the most cosmopolitan metropolis in Central The usa. Panama City is the country’s cash, and a actually modern city centre. Skyscrapers and huge malls are a frequent sight together with the dazzling blue coastline. No ponder they connect with it the ‘Miami of Latin America’. Quite a few worlds coexist here – west and east meet up with in a explosive cultural blend.

The organization neighbourhood’s skyline, with its shimmering towers produced of glass and metal, reflecting the azure of the two the ocean and sky, could effortlessly be mistaken for any north American megalopolis. As witnessed from the historical neighbourhood of Casco Viejo, with its crumbling convents, colonial architecture and cobble-stoned streets, the contrast with this skyline couldn’t be more pronounced.

Panama’s adventure town

In a region like Panama, which is synonymous with beach locations, browsing and solar, the city of Boquete will delight the adventurers and enthusiasts of balmy temperatures. Whilst it is only found 1200m higher than sea level, it lies at the foot of Baru, Panama’s tallest mountain standing at 3475m, which takes place to also be an active stratovolcano. A common mountaineering route finishes with watching the sunrise from the best. I experienced other ideas nevertheless…

The bordering space is teeming with trails and waterfalls concealed inside of the lush jungle, waiting around to be explored. One of them, identified as ‘The Misplaced Waterfalls’, is a 3-hour journey through a cloud forest, main to a few lovely waterfalls. All through the dry time, the waterfalls encompassing Boquete are not as strong as they are in the course of the rainy season, but the climate is a great deal nicer and the light is jaw-dropping!

The favourite

Bocas del Toro is a person of Panama’s most common locations – easily available and teeming with items to do, the archipelago will retain you hectic for times and days! Snorkelling, diving, partying, climbing, browsing, or just lazing about on a beach, you name it! Panama’s ideal functions can be located on the fast paced Isla Colon, even though nature fans could want to stay on Isla Bastimentos,in which the eponymous nationwide park can be identified. I, of program, decided to continue to be on the latter.

The languorous Caribbean vibe emanating from the smaller town of Previous Financial institution on Bastimentos’ shore is tangible. There are no roads, just a vast, concrete footpath lined on both sides with vibrant picket houses and plants. This certain footpath will direct you to the highest hill on the island, where the 360-diploma view of the bordering islands is exceptional. The icing on the cake is unquestionably the natural and organic cocoa farm nearby, fantastic for having a break although savoring the purely natural surrounds.

Chasing sunlight

El Valle de Anton, additional commonly identified as ‘El Valle’, is a mountain city nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano. During my time in this article, I was actually chasing sunlight, sunsets in unique! On my first day, I determined to climb the mountain ‘Cara Iguana’ two several hours right before dusk, even however the peak was dropped in the clouds. I’ve figured out numerous times that weather conditions changes extremely quick in the mountains, so I gave it a shot. Just as I was reaching the peak, it commenced to rain, and I couldn’t see nearly anything at all, but then the wind slowed and quickly the landscape appeared just before my eyes, a large ray of sunlight breaking via the dim clouds and illuminating the hillside. I was in awe.

Even following so several several years travelling, I am continue to continually astonished by the world bordering us. Gustave Flaubert after mentioned that ‘travel can make a person modest – you see what a tiny spot you occupy in the world’, and I cannot enable but consider how appropriate he was!

Do you really like to compose about your travels? Or maybe Instagram is your factor? Uncover out extra about how you can contribute to Lonely World in this article.

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6 fire door myths

A fire door (portes pyrasfaleia ) can often be the last obstacle between you and a blaze that could wind up conserving your life, however when should you mount a fire door? And exactly how do you understand if your residence is fire secure? We get the inside information of the most common mistaken beliefs concerning fire safety and security and we share them with you.

Myth 1 : Repainting a door with fire proof paint makes it a fire door

FALSE: This would not be identified as a fire door by the leading authority ablaze door safety and security. A door is made up of numerous compatible and also fire-tested materials as well as parts, all noted on the fire door certificate.

Myth 2: If you’re renting out a building, it’s your obligation to be clued up on fire doors

FALSE: If you are the proprietor as well as the ‘liable person’ under the Fire Security Order, it is your duty to guarantee fire safety and security for the owners of your structure. If you do not have the knowledge or abilities, you need to select a ‘skilled person’ to lug this out for you.

Myth 3: I shouldn’t put any kind of home furnishings in front of the fire door, even if they are light and easy to relocate

TRUE: Fairly just, do not have any kind of blockages before a fire door. Make sure you have a clear path to go out in the case of a fire. Smoke as well as fires can avoid you from seeing plainly in front of you. Surveys just recently accomplished showed that 74 per cent of tradespeople had actually seen an obstructed or blocked fire door.

Misconception 4: The gap between the fire door and the door frame doesn’t matter

FALSE: The measurement of the gap around the entire boundary of the door is critical to avoid the flow of toxic fumes and smoke in case of a fire. Recent research study revealed 34 per cent of fire doors fitted had excessive voids (over 3mm). On a fire door with smoke seals this space is commonly 3mm. However constantly check the fire door certificate. The gap under the door can be a little larger (as much as 8mm), yet it does depend on the door. Preferably, you need to not see light under the door.

Myth 5: I can locate everything I need to learn about my fire door once it’s fitted

TRUE: Every fire door need to have a present individually accredited test certificate. This shows the door’s fire rating, test standards, as well as producing compliance. It additionally reveals that the door’s elements meet strict performance and conformity standards. It likewise provides critical details about installation. Look for a tag or plug on the top (or periodically on the side) of the door. Without a certification mark, you can not make sure this actually is a fire door.

Myth 6: Any type of lock can be fitted onto a fire door because it’s made from steel

FALSE: The lock has to be fire tested and also fire door licensed. Metal obtains extremely hot in the event of a fire and also it can rapidly go from being the strongest aspect of your door to the weakest. The extra fitting of in tumescent defence can provide a minimum of 30 minutes fire security.

See more about fire doors:

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