10 + 1 things we should not be ashamed of in sex

10 + 1 things we should not be ashamed of in sex

If you think that sex can be what you feel with Athens Escorts, see in romantic movies, or porn, you are probably wrong.

A lot can happen during sex. From an orgasm, to the conception of a new life. There are, however, other, less pleasurable or strange things that can happen during sex. Almost all of them have happened to everyone at some point in our sex lives.

If you think that sex can be what you see in romantic movies, or porn, you are probably wrong. The environment is not always ideal and partners can not be perfect. That is why when something goes wrong even a little in bed, many people develop great sexual insecurities.

The good news is that most of the things we find strange are actually completely normal side effects of sex. In an extensive article, Bustle reveals the most embarrassing things that can happen to us in sex, but we should not pay any attention to it.

Below you will find 10 + 1 things you should never be ashamed of.

1. For the strange sounds

Even in the hottest moment, sex is still a very primitive activity, and the noises that come with it are not always as romantic as we would like it to be. There is no reason to be ashamed of any sounds during sex.

2. For the time you need to complete

If you are pretending to orgasm because you need some time to achieve a real one, stop. A woman is supposed to reach orgasm after 10-20 minutes and a man after 7-14 minutes, however there is no “normal” when it comes to each of us individually. If timing is affecting your sex life, try new techniques to change things up a bit.

3. If you want to ask for something

It’s 2022. We have smartphones and watches smarter than us, yet many are still afraid to ask for what they really want in bed. For what reason; Will asking for more action the partner will characterize us as demanding? Verbal communication is the key to a happy sex life, so if you are not excited about what your partner is doing, talk to him. There is no shame in seeking happiness.

4. If you are not easily irritated

Some (men and women) need their time and this should not make anyone feel ashamed. Many times, our bodies and minds are not sexually connected, and you may feel a little betrayed by your genitals when your heart says, “yes,” but someone else says, “no, thank you.” For women, the problem can often be solved with some foreplay and lubricants, while many men think that masturbating for a minute is a good way to get over them.

5. If you do not have an orgasm

As much as we all want, orgasm during sex, sometimes just does not come. Before you think about pretending, analyze the purpose of sex a little. Take your time and relax. Look for him in any way you can. If it does not come again, the destination matters.

6. If you need a break

Sex is a workout. It’s a really fun workout, but as with any workout it means you’ll get tired. Or some parts of the body may start to hurt. Or you may get cramps. Whatever the reason, ask for a break. It does not make you strange, it makes you human.

7. If you want to say no

There are thousands of things that can happen during sex that you can not manage. Do not hesitate to say no to something you do not want, or to something you are not ready to do. Your boundaries matter. If your partner can not accept your own sexual preferences, then it is not worth continuing anyway.

8. For the hair

An eternal conflict should never be a cause for embarrassment during sex. If your hair preferences are different, discuss it and see if you can reach a compromise. But never let anyone, including yourself, make you feel bad about something growing normally in your body.

9. How do you orgasm?

Express your ecstasy the way you want. Do not keep anything inside you just because you think it may seem a little strange.

10. If you have fantasies about someone else

To be perfectly clear, if you are constantly thinking about someone other than your partner during sex, it may be time to move on to a different partner. However, there is nothing wrong with occasionally imagining somewhere else with someone or others. This does not mean that you do not love your partner, it just means that you are a human being with a completely natural desire to have sex with sexy people.

11. For your body

We all have insecurities with your body. Like the person you slept with. Accept yourself and others as they are. People do not lie when they say that trust is the sexiest trait you can have.


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