Fashion tips that every woman should know

As women we like fashion, clothes and shoes, γυναικεία ρούχα. But all this alone can not give us the image we want. But style is something very personal that each of us can create on our own.

What we need to pay attention to are some stylistic tips, which can help us in our daily life, to avoid common mistakes and to take off our clothes.

What we need to remember is that style is purely our business and to follow fashion, always putting our own touch.

Shirt buttons

Even when the shirt is on our number, what is seen in the photo often happens. The gap between the buttons opens and so does not look nice. What we can do is apply double sided tape to the gaps and glue them so that they come into place and do not feel uncomfortable.

Jeans with boots

When we wear ankle boots with jeans, we usually put the jeans inside. If instead we fold the bottom creating a lapel and leaving a small part of the foot uncovered, the legs automatically look taller.

We also believe that with high boots we can only wear skinny jeans. But in an easy way you can wear any jean. All you have to do is turn it up enough and then wrap it around your ankle. Then put on a high sock to fasten it and then put on the boot.

Knots in sweaters

Our favorite sweater often fills knots and especially in the places where the bag rests. To avoid this, it is enough to put it in an airtight bag and leave it overnight in the refrigerator.

Sleeve spin

Turning the sleeves off the shirt can be very difficult. When we wear a denim shirt what we want is to look thoroughly sloppy. The correct way is to first pull it once up and then turn it down. What you need to pay attention to is to give a base and show the angle.

Blouse and accessories

A necklace can transform your entire style. I’m sure you have a jewelry box full of necklaces too. That is why the above image will help you choose the right one for each type of blouse to impress.


Surely you know the classic trick with the mano on the tights when a point is opened. But in order not to get to this point because most of the time it is not effective, you can apply lacquer to the tights before wearing it.

Shirt with pencil skirt

The pencil skirts are high-waisted and quite narrow. So a blouse or a shirt from the inside may not look nice. So instead of trying to layer it from the inside out, you can simply tie it under the chest.

Jacket on the shoulders

This style may seem old-fashioned and grandiose, but it has gained a lot of ground lately. With a one-piece suit you can throw a leather jacket on the shoulders and complete the style. Try it before it starts to get very cold.

Blouse inside the skirt

As we said everything is a matter of style. A simple outfit can be completely changed simply by putting one side of the blouse through the skirt or pants respectively.


Wide belts may not be so fashionable anymore, but they can definitely be worn to take off a style, as they emphasize our waist and give style.

Casual chic

If you do not know how to wear your sneakers you must remember that you do not need exaggerations. They can be worn with a simple skinny jeans and a sports coat.


The basic pieces are always in our closet. For the days when you do not know what to wear, it is enough to wear your favorite jeans, with your favorite blouse and high heels.

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