Future iPhones will have LED Apple logo design!

Future iPhones will have LED Apple logo design!

According to Apple’s news, future Apple’s iPhone might lastly obtain LED notice light of some type, which would certainly function as an Apple logo design too.

If this rumour is real, you will have to protect your new phone with a see trough iPhone silicone case (θήκες iPhone). In this way will not lose the great new design and you will also secure from scratches and breaking your mobile phone.

Techs say that it will have a clear layer on the back of a smart device (any Apple device) with flexible decor overlapping by the transparent layer changing the look of the light that appears of the logo design.

There’s also a control circuitry that can adjust the appearance in action to an occasion like a phone call or missed out on alert.

LED-illuminated Apple logo design

Experts and technology techs see this feature being revitalized after it was gotten rid of from MacBooks. As several of you remember, the Apple logo was first brightened on MacBooks.

Bear in mind that this is just “Apple news” and there’s no warranty that it would certainly adopted from iPhones.

What iPhone case can be used

When choosing a mobile phone case, we all have in mind the look, texture and durability. This is why most iPhone cases have featured finish, soft touch and non-slip material that helps increase stability during use and also prevents slipping when on difficult surfaces.

The truth is that technology in mobile phones is advancing faster and faster, so we can have waterproof cases. This of course does not mean that we do not have to worry about the security of our mobile phones. We should never forget to protect our cellphone with a case and tempered glass.

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