How to Choose the Right Woman Bag!

How to Choose the Right Woman Bag!

A bag isn’t just an accessory for holding personal necessities. It is a cool addition that completes a woman’s outfit giving them a more fashionable statement.

Perhaps, a bag makes the biggest building block of every woman’s wardrobe.

However, not all women understand how to choose the right bag. Your bag is like your fingerprint that explicitly describes your unique characteristics. Therefore, the type of bag you carry speaks a lot more about you than that dress you wear.

If you are contemplating on the right type of bag to buy, then here are tips to guide you.



1. Choose your best colour

Whether you need a bag for work or just casual use, colour matters a lot. Figure out the best colour that fits your lifestyle. Colours can be endless and sometimes you can’t
figure out your best option. Learn to match up the colour of your handbag to your other outfit. If you are unsure about colours, try to choose a dominant colour that goes with most clothing. The most practical way is to go for a plain
bag with just one colour. A neutral colour can quickly match with any outfit. White and brown colours are recommended in case you don’t want a mismatch.

2. Consider your body type

Trends and styles aren’t always the top factors to keep in mind when shopping for a bag. Your body type means a lot. Not all bags suit every woman. A bag can be stylish but unsuitable for your body shape. Below are different body types and bag shapes to choose.

• Plus-size women

Round and slouchy bags don’t fit plus-size or curvy women. Similarly, small bags can make a curvy woman’s body appear larger than they are. A bag that lays flat on your body can help to reduce the extra bulk in your thighs and hips.

• Slim women

Slim-bodied women shouldn’t choose big-sized or boxy bags. A bag that moulds to your body rather than standing far away is ideal if you have a slim body.

• Thick-waisted women

Handbags with long handles are good for heavy-weight women and those with thick waists. Cross-body bags with diagonal straps are also good as they create a slimming effect.

• Tall women

Tall and thin women can select bags with short and slouchy shapes. A bag with short straps can make a tall woman appear taller. A wider bag like a clutch would be ideal.
Bags with short straps are good for petite women.



3. Consider the occasion

Occasion plays a big role in helping you choose the right bag. Try to be more practical by choosing a bag that fits the event or function you plan to attend. Different occasions need different bag styles. This pins down to the style and size of the bag to buy.

• Size

In case you’re travelling and need a bag that fits most of your essentials, then it pays to buy a sizeable bag. Small bags are recommended in case you’re after freedom and
don’t have much to carry. Conversely, a tote bag with several compartments inside is ideal if you have multiple stuff to carry. It allows you to keep contents like makeup, perfume, and sunglasses and many more separately.

• Style

The style of the bag to carry is determined by the size of the strap. Long travelling needs a cross-body or long strapped bag.

4. Budget

Now that you’ve considered the colour, shape, occasion, size, and shape of your bag, it is critical to look at the price. It is advisable to stay within budget. However, you should focus on saving so as to get the best deal possible. It makes no sense to buy a cheaper bag that lasts for a very short time. A bag is an investment of its kind and should last for at least two years.

Choosing the right fashion bag for women means more than just the style and trend. You should consider factors such as occasion, colour, size, shape, and above all-body type. The above are the critical factors to keep in mind whenever you go out to shop for women bag.



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