Avoid Home Plumbing Problems

Avoid Home Plumbing Problems

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information within this website. Before attempting to solve your home plumbing problems it is recommended that you hire a professional  plumber (υδραυλικός) before attempting to do the work yourself. With several years of experience under our belts we have seen the results of many of those that have tried to fix it themselves.

When it is time to fix your plumbing, you may not know which tools are needed, or what options to consider, what equipment to buy and what rules to follow.

The tips in this article can provide you with the information you need to know to complete a simple plumbing task yourself.

Avoid Home Plumbing Problems By Not Pouring Cooking Grease Down The Drain

One of the biggest plumbing problems that we see is individuals pouring cooking grease and other fatty oils down the drain. This will eventually cause a build up in your pipes causing backups not only in your house but into the streets as well.

By disposing of your cooking grease in the proper manner it will help to prevent home plumbing problems as well as sewage backup that will come into your home. This backup is known as an overflow and could pose a health problem if unchecked.

Many home owners mistakenly think that they can use their garbage disposal as a means to get rid of their cooking grease. Despite popular belief, your home garbage disposal system does not remove grease from your homes plumbing system.

Another myth that homeowners believe is that running hot water through your pipes will allow the grease to flow through successfully. The truth is hot water will coll down eventually in your pipes thus causing the grease to coagulate.

If you notice that your water is any of your sinks or bathtubs are draining a little slower, this is the beginning sign of a problem. It is recommended that you call a professional and have this matter looked at before it causes a serious problem.

More Home Plumbing Problems: Drain Cleaners

In a recent survey it was discovered that 97% of homeowners in the United States would attempt to fix a clogged drain themselves before calling a plumbing professional.

Recent studies have proven that in the majority of cases these dangerous drain cleaners where nowhere as effective as they advertise.

What the homeowner does not know is that whenever you used these agents it leaves your plumbing filled with chemicals, and could possibly cost you way more than if you would have just called a plumber to start with.

There are three general types of drain cleaning chemicals that the home owner should be aware of. Chances are you have already run across some of these dangerous chemicals and did not know what you were working with.

The most common of these products are the caustic bases type. You know exactly what I am talking about, but you probably do not recognize them by that name. Have you ever heard of, Liquid Plumr and Drano?

Well those are considered caustic base type cleaners. These products use some form of either sodium hydroxide (commonly known as lye) or sodium hypo chlorite (also known as bleach) in various degrees of concentration.

Most caustic based drain cleaners will not harm most pipes however they will destroy the rubber seals around your sink if you happen to get any on them. The chemical reaction from these cleaners can will eat away at hair, soap scum and grease, and allow the drain to flow again in many cases.

Of course, without frequent repeated use of these products, the clog will simply return, usually very quickly. Only by calling professional handymen will there be a real solution.

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3 Tips to Unclog Your Washbasin by Yourself!

How to Choose the Right Woman Bag!


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3 Tips to Unclog Your Washbasin by Yourself!

3 Tips to Unclog Your Washbasin by Yourself!

There is no one who is not been in the difficult position of having to unclog a stuffed toilet drain or washbasin. A blocked washbasin is a common phenomenon in a bathroom. Read my 3 Tips to Unclog Your Washbasin and learn how to do it by yourself.

Even if it is not completely clogged, but you can see that it is not absorbing the water any more, then  probably the problem has started to appear! Before calling a professional plumber, you should search for an easier way to unclog your washbasin by yourself.

Miscellaneous Objects

The most common reasons that may cause this unpleasant event that results in the plugging of the toilet or washbasin piping are the various items that may fall accidentally, or even deliberately, by some of the younger people in the house.

Most items that may fall are usually not biodegradable. Water can not dissolve toilet tissues, sanitary napkins, tampons and various other products.

Even our hair that we throw or fall by mistake while combing, in combination with the previously mentioned objects, result in their accumulation in the tubing. An object does not in itself create the problem, but when it accumulates in a branch of piping leading to drainage.

Since the use of the washbasin is not only daily but also continuous throughout the whole day, it is logical for the piping of these sewerage points to remain remnants that accumulate and cause the clogging and drive to the awful consequences.

Internet and Advice

So I opened my laptop and started searching, “How to unclog your washbasin by yourself.” I saw many choices such as using our kitchen chemicals and obstructive materials.

I will write to you some of the solutions I read about… how to unclog your washbasin by yourself!


Tip 1 to unclog the washbasin – Home-made

It was logical to start by following the steps I saw in front of my screen and the materials were simple in my kitchen cabinet!

I followed these steps…

Step 1

• 1/2 cup of baking soda
• 1/2 cup of vinegar
• Lemon juice

Step 2

Remove the drain cover. Most covers come out easily by unscrewing them.

Step 3

Then measure 1/2 cup baking soda and pour it as deep as you can in the sink.

Step 4

Immediately then measure 1/2 cup vinegar and pour it over the soda.

Step 5

The mixture will start to foam and clean what clogs the pipeline. Finally, if it smells unpleasant, then after finishing, pour a little lemon juice.

I followed all the steps exactly as I read them, but the flow of water was just slower than earlier, so I had to act differently to unclog the sink drain!

Tip 2 to unclog the washbasin – Chemicals

I read about the common chemicals and ran into the neighbourhood’s mini-market to buy one of the best.
I used Tu.Bo.Flo, since most housewives recommend it.

Step 1

We empty the contents of the envelope into the sink.

Step 2

Pour hot water into the piping.

10 minutes later…

The chemical acted after 10 minutes and as far as I could figure out, he stumbled through the staffed water and logically cleared the pipes that had been clogged.



So happy, but…

Later in the afternoon, and after the family got together for lunch, when the kids were in the bathroom, they laughed loudly and shouted that the washbasin looked like a pool for their Playmobils.

I ran panicked and found that the problem remained. The water was running down the edge of the washbasin and looked like waterfalls in my bathroom!

I realized, unfortunately, that the pipes had been temporarily unclogged and the problem was definitively still unsolved, in contrast with what I had expected!

Tip 3 to unclog the washbasin – Professional Company

Eventually, I decided to call a professional company and not to waste other money on a variety of solutions that are effective when it comes to some kind of damage, but not about damage to the sewage system, probably!

Reading on a site, I realized that there are more serious blocking causes that our indifference and the use of chemicals for temporary solutions can lead to great disasters of our property.

The most appropriate solution is to periodically maintain our central piping system. Frequency is determined by various factors such as the age of drainage, the materials used for the building’s construction and the frequency of use.

Damages to be resolved permanently, and to avoid unexpected overflows, require the immediate action of a professional company.

What did I finally do?

The intervention of the specialists was immediate and the problem was fortunately solved without irreparable damage that could cause immediate damage to the network with the corresponding financial charge.


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How to Choose the Right Woman Bag!

How to Choose the Right Woman Bag!

A bag isn’t just an accessory for holding personal necessities. It is a cool addition that completes a woman’s outfit giving them a more fashionable statement.

Perhaps, a bag makes the biggest building block of every woman’s wardrobe.

However, not all women understand how to choose the right bag. Your bag is like your fingerprint that explicitly describes your unique characteristics. Therefore, the type of bag you carry speaks a lot more about you than that dress you wear.

If you are contemplating on the right type of bag to buy, then here are tips to guide you.



1. Choose your best colour

Whether you need a bag for work or just casual use, colour matters a lot. Figure out the best colour that fits your lifestyle. Colours can be endless and sometimes you can’t
figure out your best option. Learn to match up the colour of your handbag to your other outfit. If you are unsure about colours, try to choose a dominant colour that goes with most clothing. The most practical way is to go for a plain
bag with just one colour. A neutral colour can quickly match with any outfit. White and brown colours are recommended in case you don’t want a mismatch.

2. Consider your body type

Trends and styles aren’t always the top factors to keep in mind when shopping for a bag. Your body type means a lot. Not all bags suit every woman. A bag can be stylish but unsuitable for your body shape. Below are different body types and bag shapes to choose.

• Plus-size women

Round and slouchy bags don’t fit plus-size or curvy women. Similarly, small bags can make a curvy woman’s body appear larger than they are. A bag that lays flat on your body can help to reduce the extra bulk in your thighs and hips.

• Slim women

Slim-bodied women shouldn’t choose big-sized or boxy bags. A bag that moulds to your body rather than standing far away is ideal if you have a slim body.

• Thick-waisted women

Handbags with long handles are good for heavy-weight women and those with thick waists. Cross-body bags with diagonal straps are also good as they create a slimming effect.

• Tall women

Tall and thin women can select bags with short and slouchy shapes. A bag with short straps can make a tall woman appear taller. A wider bag like a clutch would be ideal.
Bags with short straps are good for petite women.



3. Consider the occasion

Occasion plays a big role in helping you choose the right bag. Try to be more practical by choosing a bag that fits the event or function you plan to attend. Different occasions need different bag styles. This pins down to the style and size of the bag to buy.

• Size

In case you’re travelling and need a bag that fits most of your essentials, then it pays to buy a sizeable bag. Small bags are recommended in case you’re after freedom and
don’t have much to carry. Conversely, a tote bag with several compartments inside is ideal if you have multiple stuff to carry. It allows you to keep contents like makeup, perfume, and sunglasses and many more separately.

• Style

The style of the bag to carry is determined by the size of the strap. Long travelling needs a cross-body or long strapped bag.

4. Budget

Now that you’ve considered the colour, shape, occasion, size, and shape of your bag, it is critical to look at the price. It is advisable to stay within budget. However, you should focus on saving so as to get the best deal possible. It makes no sense to buy a cheaper bag that lasts for a very short time. A bag is an investment of its kind and should last for at least two years.

Choosing the right fashion bag for women means more than just the style and trend. You should consider factors such as occasion, colour, size, shape, and above all-body type. The above are the critical factors to keep in mind whenever you go out to shop for women bag.



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